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Maybe you need some spare part for a rare guitar, an unusual cable or that bit you just can't find. This site can maybe help to get you on your way with our 'small ads'... To add your own item, go here.

To remove or correct your Wanted item, email Wanted @ StringsReunited.

1978-1980 Peavey T-60 Original Hardshell Case - 28 November 09

1978-1980 Peavey T-60 Original Hardshell Case

» I am based in: - United States
» Get in touch with me at:

Roland Space Echo tape heads - 13 April 09

I'm after record and playback heads with low wear to fit an RE-201. e.g. if you have an old unit with a dead motor but the heads are in decent condition.

» I am offering: Up to ?50 per tape head, depending on th
» I am based in: - United Kingdom
» Get in touch with me at: 2006-8. Full Disclaimer notice