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The administrators of the website have taken all reasonable care to ensure that the information on the static pages of this website is accurate and timely at the date of publication.

Responsibility for Content

StringsReunited takes no responsibility for the presentation of any items posted by individuals not directly associated with - they are entirely the responsibility of the people making the advertisement.

StringsReunited requests, but does not require the offer of a small proportion of any reward offered, and requires a small fee for selling items, in return for permitting advertisement here, but has no further liability in respect of the advertisements. Any posting which is clearly false, or which clearly misrepresents an item or its holder or owner, may be removed at the discretion of the site administrators, without reference back to its author.

Any posting by individuals not associated with StringsReunited which is deemed inappropriate, dishonest, defamatory, libellous or insulting, will be removed as soon as it is located; StringsReunited disclaims all responsibility for such items provided that the website administrators take appropriate and timely measures to handle such material. We can and will block specific network addresses from access to the site if inappropriate messages are received.

The administrators of the website accept no liability for the consequences of error or for any loss or damage suffered by users of any of the information contained on this website, or any other website or resource that you may access through this site.

Edits to Posted Content reserves the right to make minor edits of any postings where formatting needs to be improved - for example, in the case that a submitted photograph is too large, or where HTML or other code has been submitted in the text of an advertisement, or where an email name has clearly been rendered incorrectly. In all such instances, the fact of an edit (although not necessarily the details of the edits) will be displayed on the posting.

Site Availability

We cannot guarantee that your advert will be provided continuously or entirely free from faults. The site will require occasional maintenance and modification, but StringsReunited shall keep disruption of advertisements and other content to a minimum.

Personal Data

The website contains some personal data - at minimum, your email address. By making a posting on the site, you are agreeing to provide us with this data, and to display some personal data publicly on the website. We have taken all reasonable care to ensure that we operate within the provisions of the data protection legislation in force in the United Kingdom and the European Community.

Personal data will be kept secure, and current, and advertisements will be viewable on the site for a maximum of twelve months - our full statement is shown here.

If you believe that any of the data on this site causes or is likely to cause damage or distress to you or any other living person, please contact us.


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