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Many musicians have had equipment or instruments lost or stolen at one time or another - there's plenty of evidence on these pages. The primary purpose of this site is to help to recover this stuff, and we offer that facility as an essentially free service to musicians. On the back of that service, you are invited to sell your items on this site, or to get hold of equipment that you cannot find locally.

Please bear in mind that we cannot properly assess the value of that service unless you feed back to us, news good and bad about how well the site fits the purpose - don't be shy.

Also, we present on the site a technical blog by 'Plank', guitar maker and Radiohead instrument technician. He will try to answer any questions but touring and recording keep him very busy;

This site was begun as a project of 4Music Ltd, a Limited Company based in the UK* (though no longer associated with that company), and was created and maintained by of Oxford, UK.

For comments on the website etc, get in touch with the Site Administrator.

Our Skype telephone on 0208 123 5488 can take messages. 2006-8. Full Disclaimer notice *