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There are a lot of musicians out there who have lost a favourite instrument, a quality bit of studio gear or a vital piece of electronics....

Perhaps because of theft, or just leaving it in a taxi or on the bus on the way home. There are few resources that are designed to help you recover instruments and other equipment that has gone missing - that's what this site is for.

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Plank has decided after four years, that due to the volume of work and other commitments, he is unable to continue with the blog for the time being. Sorry to those of you who kept coming back for more.
We'll let you know if there is any chance of it coming back to life again, but in any case the archive will stay in place for reference. Thank you for your interest.
August 2010

Recovering Equipment 

Make sure that when you do have a theft or loss, you have plenty of information to hand.

Most quality musical instruments, effects and amplifiers will have a serial number - make sure you have note of all yours.

And as soon as you buy something that is going out on the road, take some pictures of it! - you can post the photos, serial numbers and all other information onto this site if you lose it.

We're not just talking here about recovering stolen instruments - we cover any and all musicians' equipment, ancient or modern. This resource might be some use to you whether you've lost amps, effects, violin bows, PA kit or anything else. 2006-8. Full Disclaimer notice