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Musicians Exchange - Available

Here is a listing of musicians available to join bands etc. Thousands of people are looking at this site now - your ideal band could be local to you, and checking these listings. To add your own item, go here.

Bear in mind that this listing is just covering the UK at the moment - let us know if you would like us to extend coverage to your part of the world also.

Musicain looking help - 05 November 09

Hey. Im a 21 year old song writer. I recently split from my current band last month. I have tried reforming a band since. I have a hole ton of my own stuff already wrotten and need people to fill the band lineup. Im lookin a bassist, singer, and decent drummer. I want to go conttinue on from being a local band weither its just gettin paid at pubs/clubs or possibly goign further with music. But if anyone is interested please email me at And my myspace music is Cheers

» Given name: Dean Mackin
» Band experience: I have been in several bands. 2 of which were punk rock bands event of the bunny dancer and surviving the enemy. My recent rock band played around 10 gigs including bronte music club. I have jamed with a good few people and have picked up a few things.
» I am based in: Newry/warrenpoint/Rathfriland -
» Get in touch with me:

looking for band... - 26 May 09

Alternative man seeks alternative band. Up to you how yu read into that. im alright at stuff as well like guitar! piano. At uni. Like lots of music. lots.

» Given name: Dave
» Band experience: Not a lot got 100% for A-level composition tho haha.
» I am based in: Falmouth (uni), Hemel Hempstead (home) -
» My website: (opens in new window)sorry nothing but take the risk :-)?!
» Get in touch with me:

Drummer available - rock/pop/electro/acoustic - 24 May 08

Hey there, I'm Crossy, currently living in London, just got through recording debut album for band to then split.

» Given name: Crossy
» Band experience: I'm sessioning for The Cornerstones, Ryan Myddleton and Sub Diffusion (all on Myspace) and have loads of recording and live experience (supporting Oasis, Finley Quaye, The Doves, Damian Rice) BUT I want to join a determind, committeed band intent on storming the world - plus having some fun on the way!!! I play most stlyes and would say I'm a very musical drummer, but I really wanted to play rock/pop/electro or acoustic. I do BV's, have car and kick ass kit (small, I'm not into a million drums!!) and am click friendly.
» I am based in: London -
» My website: (opens in new window)
» Get in touch with me: 2006-8. Full Disclaimer notice